Affordable Flying Cars for Everyone

No matter you want to use it for personal fly or commercial use, here we offer a range of products for addressing your needs


01 / Intro

Although, nowadays a last-mile delivery is not a big deal; fast, cheap, and easy-to-use autonomous vehicles for deliveries are not accessible yet. Traveling in large cities is time-consuming especially for longer distances. A faster and more personalized vehicle that fits with current transport infrastructures is needed. In many transporting scenarios it is favorable to have a modular vehicle with both air and ground modes.

02 / Added Value

Drover is a dual-mode vehicle capable of being driven and flown manually or autonomous for cargo, recreation, and eventually for transportation. Our innovative design has several advantages over current competitors

03 / Real Dream

 Imagine, you dump in very heavy traffic, behind many cars, you wish a very common dream, If I could fly with my car and skip the traffic. Now that dream comes to reality by the FlyUp solution. The innovative vehicle can fly above the traffic by changing its configuration from mobility to flight mode. By airborne capability, the traffic will be shifted to the airspace above the streets.




We make affordable Flying Cars for Everyone.
Most Americans don't feel comfortable commuting all the way to work from home on a bike or scooter - they feel it's too dangerous.
Public transportation is unreliable, especially for the pandemic era.


Replacing cars for trips up to 10 miles and provide flying car services for all people.


The system has a similar mechanism in overall structure and main subsystems, while so innovative in integrated functionality. It will be produced in 2 different versions. One version has an internal combustion engine for heavier payloads while the other one is an electric version for lighter payloads. The modular wheels are designed to support both mobility and flight modes.


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