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Fully Electric AiGo Bot

AiGo Bot is a hybrid robotic system capable of operating on sidewalks, bike lanes, and in the air. It combines features of both drones and rovers, offering versatility in navigating various terrains. There are multiple benefits to using AiGo Bot delivery robots to fight climate change. Delivery robots minimize the need for larger, less efficient trucks. Reducing energy and the need for fewer human resources will impact climate change positively. 



Impact of AiGo Bot Technology

Nowadays the COVID pandemic shows that the world needs a better way for delivering during emergency situations. Minimizing human contacts for activities such as deliveries and personal transportation in cities and metropolitan areas is more in demand than before. The use of drover robots for delivery can potentially reduce labor costs and increase productivity, resulting in overall cost savings for many industries and consumers.




Our competitors utilize various robotic platforms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Ground-based sidewalk robots, such as quad rovers or 6wd rovers, typically have limited range and slower transport speeds. In contrast, aerial-based robots are faster, autonomous, and agile. However, they also have drawbacks; for instance, fixed-wing UAVs lack vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, while multirotors suffer from shorter battery life compared to AiGo bots. Additionally, aerial robots are susceptible to weather conditions and prohibited flight zones that can impact flight operations. In contrast, AiGo bots leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the mission profile, considering all constraints, and dynamically adjust their configuration based on mission requirements.


Medications Delivery

Food Delivery

Fresh Diareis

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